Questions Sellers should ask Realtor

  • How did you come up with the listing price?

If you’re on the seller side, one thing a real estate agent will assist you with is coming up with a realistic listing price. He or she will make sure the price for your home isn’t too low or high. Good agents do a comparative market analysis so they can come up with the best price. During the analysis, the agent will review recent home sales in and near your neighborhood. They will also consider factors such as the condition of your home, the size, and the current housing market.

  • What’s your marketing strategy?

Your home won’t sell quickly if no one knows it’s available. Word of mouth likely won’t be enough. Ask your potential real estate agent what his or her plan is to sell your home. He or she should have a strategy that includes online, print, and in-person advertising. If any one of these methods is missing, you might want to move on to someone who uses a variety of advertising methods.

  • What’s the best way (and time) to reach you?

The process of selling a home involves a lot of moving parts. You’ll likely have lots of questions, especially if this is the first time you’re selling a home. Knowing the best way to communicate questions or concerns, as well as the best times of day, will make your life a lot easier. Ask whether email, phone, or text is better, and inquire about how contact should be made if there’s an urgent matter. The answer with Amber, is any time, shes a full time Realtor.

  • Is this your full-time job?

You want to be able to contact the agent if you have a problem or concern. If the agent is juggling another job or two, he or she might be too distracted or busy to get back to you within a reasonable amount of time. You’d also have to worry about whether the agent even has time to update skills and stay on top of the latest developments in the industry. Make sure the agent you’re thinking of working with isn’t being pulled in too many directions to give you the level of service you need. Amber is a full-time Realtor, available 7 days a week!